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Revolution of Hands-freeDUZ Season1

Hands-free dryer with higher air volume
and less than half the noise compared
to household dryers

“Both hands free!”Solved the inconvenience of the old dryer!!

It is a product that revolutionized the industry with a hands-free dryer with a higher air volume
and less noise than a household dryer. It is now discontinued.


Flexible Hose

It is a flexible hose that is about 1.5 times more flexible
and can be freely transformed and fixed.
The position of the hose can be freely changed according to
the user's desired use. It can be used after fixing the hose easily
and conveniently through movement.

Anion effect for hair protection

Ceramic coating and natural anion paint are applied to
he heating wire for anion effect.
Durability improvement effect! By supplying anion to the hair,
it increases minerals and moisture. Moisturizes hair that becomes
stiff due to dry wind. Prevents static electricity and reduces damage
to maintain healthy hair.


2 types of installation methods

We solved the inconvenience with two types of installation methods
that complemented the old inconvenience!
It is a stationary type that utilizes the built-in support and can be used
freely by placing it on a table or floor.
The attachment type can be installed on the wall at 90 degree intervals,
and it is detachable.

Easy to operate button

Easy-to-operate buttons and pictograms allow anyone to use it easily.
No more unclear button on the side, with simple and clear pictograms,
we present a usage method that all users can understand immediately.

Sensual color

A design with aesthetics applying various colors that catch the eye
You can choose a color according to your taste in six colors:
black, edge black, white, navy, and pink yellow.
It can also be used as an interior accessory and is a design that
has both practical functions and aesthetics

Diversification of targets for use

It is efficient because it has a wide range of use
with a new structure design.
It can be used not only as a hair dryer,
but also for multi-purpose use such as drying after bathing
for pets, drying clothes, tableware, and shoes with
the characteristics of hands-free that can use both hands.

Hands-free to use
both hands freely

A new concept design that can be used more conveniently
with DUZ's own stationary structure! You can use your hands freely,
so you can easily stylize and shorten the drying time efficiently.
t is also effective in reducing wrist and shoulder fatigue
that occurs when using the dryer for a long time.

Temperature and
air volume control in 6 steps

Temperature and air volume can be adjusted according to
the desired style and application. Free styling is possible
by controlling the power ON/OFF and 6 levels of wind strength
temperature and air volume for various purposes other than drying hair.

Maximize stability

Double safety device design against high temperature and overvoltage
XCap against overvoltage, surge protection device,
and device to prevent overheating Bimetal (105°C) and
thermal fuse (over 184°C) prevent overheating, so you can use it safely.

  • Can be used
    for a long time

  • Warm air

  • Cold air

  • Weight

  • Hose length

  • Hands free

  • Power